Science News 2017-10-27

2 To see more women in science, deal with test-taking anxiety in girls
3 House science committee investigating sexual harassment allegations against Boston University geologist
4 The art and science of being charismatic
6 New science suggests the ocean could rise more and faster than we thought
7 More gray whales are risking their lives for shrimp cocktail
9 Climate change may threaten these bamboo-eating lemurs
10 Material inspired by ocean mussels could lead to self-healing plastics
12 As ice retreats, frozen mosses emerge to tell climate change tale
13 State, schools lacks funds for new science standards, lawmakers warned
14 New Mexico Officials Back Down, Abandon Effort to Politicise Science Education Standards
16 Bill Nye Thinks Science Will Survive the Trump Administration
17 Google expands its Science Journal app into a digital notebook
18 Afternoon heart surgery has lower risk of complications, study suggests
19 Special Report: US company makes a fortune selling bodies donated to science
20 Editorial retraction

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