Science News 2017-10-06

2 How Computers Turned Gerrymandering Into a Science
3 Justice Roberts said political science is sociological gobbledygook. Heres why he said it, and why he’s mistaken.
4 Ultrathin thermoresponsive self-folding 3D graphene
7 Could Hitting a Home Run Produce Gravitational Waves?
8 How Science Is Helping Stop Crime Before It Occurs
9 Five Vital Secrets You Must Know To Master The Science Of Creating
10 Puppies are the culprits behind a 12-state diarrhoea disaster
11 Does your state get its fair share of federal research dollars?
12 Is your Neandertal DNA making your belly fat? Ancient genome offers clues
13 Why does this famous protector of trees now want to cut some down?
14 Water shortages amplify the potential for violence
15 Film Review: The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One
16 Blade Runner 2049: Why some science fiction writers are tired of dystopias
17 Migrating researchers are cited the most, study finds
18 Fresh data support freedom of movement for scientists
21 5 Breakthrough Medical Technologies So Crazy They Sound Like Science Fiction
22 Whats a Science Reporter to Do When Sound Evidence Isn’t Sound?
23 Massive Calved Iceberg Comes into View as Antarctic Sun Rises
24 Amazons big content shift includes more kids shows about science and science fiction

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