Science News 2017-10-04

1 Why was this 16th century Scottish village buried in sand?
2 Baby ichthyosaurus discovered feeding on squid
3 The Absurdity of the Nobel Prizes in Science
4 A new way to study our universe: what gravitational waves mean for future science
5 Respect for Science in Jeopardy in Polarized US, Nobel Winners Say
7 Filling the pipeline for computer science teachers
8 More Teachers, Fewer 3D Printers: How to Improve K12 Computer Science Education
9 K-12 Computer Science Billed As Economic Booster
10 What Science Says About Identifying High-Potential Employees
11 On Late-Term Abortion, Liberals Are the Real Science Deniers
12 Nobel Prizes Should Reward Science, Not Scientists
13 Nobel prize in chemistry awarded for method to visualise biomolecules
14 Nobel Prize in physiology provides science lesson for Ottawa: Editorial
16 Santa Fe school board opposes new state science education standards
18 Surrounded by potential: New science in converting biomass
20 Britain India Science
23 From zero to infinity: a brief history of counting Science Weekly podcast
24 Hamilton County school system increasing focus on science
26 Three Americans won the Nobel Prize for research on biological clocks and sleep
27 The circadian rhythm research that just won a Nobel prize in medicine, explained
28 3 Americans win Nobel Prize in medicine for uncovering the science behind our biological clocks
29 Super Awesome Sylvia was a role model to girls in science
30 Using Science and History to Unlock the Secrets of Bread
31 John Oliver calls out faulty forensic science in murder trials

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