Linux News 2017-10-04

1 Code-execution flaws threaten users of routers, Linux, and other OSes
3 Behind the Mask: Yet More DNS, and DHCP, Vulnerabilities
4 Google Online Security Blog: Behind the Mask: Yet more DNS, and DHCP, vulnerabilities
5 Ignite: Microsoft drops veil on Honolulu, releases SQL Server on Linux into the wild
7 Linux and macOS surge as Windows usage suffers surprise drop
8 Linux overtakes Mac OS in global market share
9 Installing Linux on a PC with UEFI firmware: A refresher
10 How OpenBSD and Linux Mitigate Security Bugs
11 Serious Linux kernel security bug fixed
12 Long Term Support Linux gets a longer lease on life
14 Microsoft extends its Skype-on-a-bike redesign to Linux users
15 Linux kernel long term support extended from two to six years
16 New Linux Releases: Beautiful fern OS 2017.10 And Anonymous Tails 3.2
17 Installing Timeshift into Linux Mint 18.2 non-BTRFS
18 Microsoft Closes the Gap Between Skype for Windows and Linux
19 Lacework Expands Cloud Security Footprint with Support for Microsoft Windows Server
20 Ataribox will be an open, Linux-based console priced starting at 49
21 Ataribox aims high with 50-300 price point, Linux core, custom AMD chip
22 Ataribox will go beyond retro games with powerful AMD CPU and Linux OS
23 Ataribox runs Linux on AMD chip and will cost at least 50
24 Atari reveals new console to be an AMD based Linux box with Steam support. – mail
26 Old Atari 2600 Game Fetches 1600 on Ebay!
27 Android users rejoice! Linux kernel LTS releases are now good for 6 years
28 Great news for Android: Linux kernel Long Term Support triples to 6 years
29 Patch alert! Easy-to-exploit flaw in Linux kernel rated high risk
30 Linux kernel bug enabled privilege escalation – fixed after 2 years
32 Extended temperature Seven COM runs Linux on Apollo Lake
33 Alpine Linux
34 Linux Kernel LTS Releases Will Now Get 6 Years Support
35 Linux kernel gets longer-term support, could be good new for Android devices

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