At the end of this article you will be able to design algorithms.

In computers algorithms need to have some information in order to be able to produce an desired output.

So in order to design an algorithm we need to have in mind a blueprint.

The key components that an algorithm needs to work:

  • they need to have an input
  • they need to have finite seq of steps
  • they need to produce an desired output


The first step is to  define the problem. Usually it can be captured with two questions:  What are the inputs? What are the outputs?  In other words, what information do you have available before the  algorithm begins, and what information do you want to produce before the  algorithm ends?

Once you know what those are, the question becomes: What sequence of steps that will produce the desired output, using only the given inputs? That’s your algorithm.

This is how you can design an algorithm, now you need a computer language to describe your algorithms to the computer, and you ready to build the digi-world.

Don’t lose the next chapter about algorithms analysis

there you will learn how to make algorithms run as faster as the can in order to be more productive.



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