Cyber News 2017-10-06

3 Ex-intelligence officer paid damages by newspaper group over computer hacking
4 Murdochs News Group admits benefiting from hacking of army officers emails
6 Legal fight against UK state hacking seeks crowdfunds
7 Privacy International: Government Mass Hacking Is Modern Equivalent Of Stop And Search
8 GCHQ spooks in the dock over UK government bulk data hacking
9 The Equifax Aftermath We Need More Hacking
11 Hacking your health at the new Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica
12 The NSA Officially Has a Rogue Contractor Problem
13 Russian hackers stole US cyber secrets from NSA: media reports
14 Russian hackers stole NSA tools using Kaspersky antivirus: report
15 Russian government hackers used antivirus software to steal US cyber capabilities
17 Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on US Cyber Defense
19 How Nintendo may be encouraging Switch hacking by trying to stop it
20 Russia is hacking and harassing NATO soldiers, report says
21 Russia Targets NATO Soldier Smartphones, Western Officials Say
22 NATO troops say Russia is hacking their smartphones
23 Russia is hacking the phones of NATO soldiers
28 Latin American ATM Thieves Turning to Hacking
29 Russian agents using sophisticated drones are hacking into NATO soldiers cellphones in the Baltic to steal personal …
30 Are Our Phones the Next Victims of Hacking?
31 Learn the ins and outs of ethical hacking with this online course bundle – ScienceAlert
32 Court to hear challenge to GCHQ bulk hacking of phones and computers
33 FBI chief on Russian hacking: We should have seen this coming
34 Masquerading Hackers Are Forcing a Rethink of How Attacks Are Traced
35 Hacking group claims responsibility for threatening texts in Johnston
36 Yahoo says all of its 3bn accounts were affected by 2013 hacking
37 Every single Yahoo account was hacked – 3 billion in all
38 Every single Yahoo account was compromised by hackers
39 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked: What You Can Do
40 Exhibit –

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