Cyber News 2017-10-04

1 Yahoo says all of its 3bn accounts were affected by 2013 hacking
2 Every single Yahoo account was hacked – 3 billion in all
3 Every single Yahoo account was compromised by hackers
4 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked: What You Can Do
5 Exhibit –
6 Masquerading Hackers Are Forcing a Rethink of How Attacks Are Traced
7 Steve Coogan wins phone-hacking damages from Mirror Group
8 Steve Coogan awarded damages in phone-hacking case
9 British actor Coogan wins damages over phone-hacking
10 Steve Coogan wins damages over phone-hacking
11 Russian Hacking Fuels Return to Paper Ballots
12 Can a Connected Car Ever Be Safe from Hacking?
13 John McAfee finally reveals Sentinel anti-hacking system
14 Spanish court grants US extradition for Russian hacking suspect
15 Spain agrees to extradite Russian programmer accused of hacking to the US
16 Spanish Court Agrees To Extradite Russian Hacking Suspect To US
17 Equifax will warn 2.5 million additional hacking victims by mail
18 Timeline of the hacking of Equifax
19 Equifax increases hacking estimate
20 1 Prepared Testimony of Richard F. Smith before the US House Committee on Energy and … –
21 California Department Target of Russian Hacking
22 This high school girl built an ethical hacking station to get people into data security
23 Panel to outline next steps in Russia probe
24 US senator seeks cyber info from voting machine makers
27 Its official: Well never know how the FBI hacked the San Bernardino iPhone
28 FBI allowed to keep secret details of iPhone hacking tool, court rules
29 – District Of Columbia – ECF – United States Courts
30 Judge: FBI can keep cost of iPhone hack secret
31 Editorial: Maybe some answers on Russia hacking
34 Editorial: Russian hacking attempt in Wisconsin unsettling
36 Bitcoin: 000 and Beyond?
37 Court Allows FBI to Keep iPhone Hacking Information Secret
38 Investigatory Powers Tribunal faces challenge in appeal court over mass hacking
39 Get the cybersecurity hacking know-how to get hired for under 0
40 Hacking risk is what worries Americans most with driverless cars
41 Americans Most Worried About Hacking Risk of Driverless Cars

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